So am I! It was noticed during garden clean up of the large iris bed that the mottled leaves were not only attractive but very strong. They were soaked and braided per the instructions above, then made into a basket as a two part wedding gift for offspring Semi, with some money plant, Lunaria annua thrown in for good financial feng shui. The seeds were started in the greenhouse the following spring, planted out, and grew well. As long as the soil is well-draining and they get plenty of water and sunshine, these flowers can thrive in a large variety of gardens. Place the Kenzan (pin cushion) on the edge of your working surface. It has been moved twice, to Texas and here. They are known for attracting butterflies and hummingbirds and make perfect cutting flowers. Sorry not to answer sooner, Ive been away. Frances, Pingback: Tweets that mention How To Make Iris Weavers For Basketmaking Fairegarden -- It, Partial thread-by-thread draft for 8-shaft Turned Taquete Scarf (interlacement view), Turned Taquete Variation by Mary Bentley 4 shafts, echo 4, More Echo and Iris style techniques on 4 shafts. 10 0 obj Handle with care- the weave will loosen up. (Ignore the green part, it is not supposed to be there. Good luck with the gourds. June 2022 Leaves are very important to the plant and to people as well. Asheville, North Carolina, The story of the day a throng of cedar waxwings descended upon the garden, shown in the header image. Toxic Look-alike: Yellow-Flag Iris (Iris pseudacorus) - Leaves fan out from base instead of coming together in one stalk - Leaves contain a hard central rib . I can see references to pampas grass as a decoration or mulch and leaves for weaving. Because irises prefer rich soil, compost makes a perfect amendment. She has 30+ years of experience with year-round organic gardening; seed starting and saving; growing heirloom plants, perennials, and annuals; and sustainable and urban farming. Published in. See more ideas about weaving, hand weaving, weaving patterns. Follow these basic steps to propagate iris plants: Learn tips for creating your most beautiful home and garden ever. I became friends with the teacher and continued taking the class for quite a while for the friendship and camraderie. Because some varieties bloom twice, once early in the season and once later in the season, these varieties will appreciate another dose of fertilizer before their second bloom. Have another chair in front of you to hold the braid, seen in upcoming photos. I just thought since it was the perfect time to harvest the iris leaves and braid them that a how to post would be fun to write. Longer and it will begin to fray from being handled so much as it is woven in and out, no matter the method used. The falls form the lower petals, which droop downward or fall. Weave a connected panel to frame a single orchid. My Mom was a great basket maker and used many unusual materials to make her baskets. Rich, well-draining soil is best for iris plants. I usually add the pointed end of the leaf to the existing piece, then you will have a double thickness for the more narrow part of the leaf. The bird house gourd was grown when we lived in Texas, where we moved after nine years at the other Tennessee house. Weaving, folding, crinkling. Basketmaking is an art Ive never attempted; I had no idea you could use so many different materials. I love your bonding story! The making of them is so much fun, or even just the braiding of the leaves for other crafts. And out of Iris leaves. This weakens the plant. You would love basketmaking if you can do the glass work, manual dexterity needed for both. I use Florida naturals from my palm trees and NJ grapevine w/ commercial stuff and enjoy seeing your work. . We consider this to add character and simply braid around it, letting it stick out, braiding firmly but with not too much pulling to break or tear the leaves. That is about the right length to use of any material to weave a basket. My only experience is using hand tools to hack one down one hot summer as it was growing into a pond liner. Not bad, not bad at all, I must said to you a big bravo. Weaving with iris leaves. We make brooms from dry coconut leaves. Bend the next end piece from the same side as the first piece and weave across. However, do not be tempted to remove the foliage before then, as the greenery is still performing photosynthesis, providing the plant with energy necessary for next years blooms. Frances. Weaving with iris leaves Create a free website or blog at After mastering the basic techniques well enough to be able to make some simple baskets without instruction, we looked into the garden for materials. learning the technique. Pine needles, for example, can be coiled and stitched into tight, compact layers. Hi Ginny, thanks for visiting. % After that, fasten the braid with a clothespin or clamp to the extra chair in front of you that I told you to get before. It took me several evenings to have two bobbins of this, and then to ply. Basketmaking is quite fun, but time consuming and you are busy enough with the garden. %%EOF Today. Now when I clean up I can do something constructive with the remains. Daily General Admission Tickets for 7 consecutive days, 1931 Brookgreen Drive Just beware of too much nitrogen, which can lead to rot. It would be good if you were trapped in a tall tower like Rapunzel: instead of using your hair you could make an excape rope out of Irises. Frances, I know the post was about the iris weavers, which was extremely interesting. As my basket teacher told us, there has not been a machine invented that can make a basket, so any basket you ever see has been made by hand. Floral Art demonstration: Just Right! The ring is several stems of grapevine, the stakes are , hmm, I dont know. Harvesting and preparation: August 2016 Turn the leaf over and do the other side. (Shady Gardener), Fleeting Architecture-Aging in Place (Shenandoah), Garden Rant (Amy, Elizabeth, Susan, Michele), Gardening Gone Wild (Debra, Fran, Noel, Saxon), Isn't There Enough To Keep Up With? Irises spread underground through rhizomes or bulbs and will need to be divided every 3 to 5 years, creating the perfect opportunity to spread your irises to new landscaping areas. Here are a few more examples of woven flax. Thanks for the inspiration. (2011), Dreams turn into reality, in a way. I have one very large basket that took a year to make, working on it when the mood struck. A bit of a wrong way round pretty Easter design. Nothing I have tried (yet) but seen some recent posts on Facebook. It looked intimate and fun and very bonding but it sure aint me, lol. If you need to stop before all the leaves have been used, because your hands are hurting or there is something else that needs your attention, clip the braiding end with the clothespin. This large flat weave will form the base of the grass basket. Do not cut the central shoot form the flax plant when harvesting. January 2016 The thing!?! Plants love sugar, too! Thank you for sharing such wonderful garden craft projects! Fresh and naturally wilted day lily foliage for basket weaving. For other How To posts written by Fairegarden, look for How To on the sidebar page listing or click here. Or you can use the iris braids in whatever way your brain leads. People needed something to hold their stuff! Most things work like this with some soaking to make them pliable. 0000000958 00000 n Rinse in clear water, and gently shake excess water out. This is a massive technological advance on the daisy chain. It hasnt been updated recently so I was surprised to see it still gets quite a few visitors. Or try anything you have on hand! Pine needle baskets are more difficult to get right, IMHO. The ring and handle are bunches of Vinca minor stems (not a good choice, too brittle), the weavers are lavender sticks (also too brittle) and single iris leaves. It has few thorns but still had to remove them. Cut or pull the leaves from the base of each plant. Sivia Harding Knit Design. Nice site! (The above basket is filled with moon snail shells collected from the beach in South Carolina some time ago.). Fall weather brings the changing of colors and seasons. The Book of Cowls. And dont forget their beauty! Some have sharp points on the edges like a holly, and some are deeply lobed like an oak tree. Kenzan and Flax Drag the leaf down and through the nails. What was Jun 13, 2021 - This Pin was created by much nita on Pinterest. The flowers of a crested iris have a ridge-like crest on their falls. I did make a basket for son Brokenbeat and his wife as a wedding present from the rose Veilchenblau. I haven't tried pendulous sedge. trailer It may be necessary to play around a bit and check plants December 2015 How fun to braid your horses mane, Ill bet it looked beautiful. Dear Edith, thanks for being absorbed! harvest it green because it is easier to work with or you may need to dry your In the spirit of 2020- I am inspired by the endless stream of cardboard boxes being delivered. Frances. Jun 18, 2022 - Braided Iris germanica, tall bearded iris leaves Above is a free form basket using the iris braid as weavers, along with other materials. (2010). <> This website uses cookies to improve your experience. This is awesome. Just found and just love this site. stream January 2017 Discard damaged leaves. She had to de-thorn them all. How many of you eat lettuce, collards, mustard greens, spinach and chard? Though no braiding was involved, it seems that handling the materials was similar. Inkle Weaving. Today. Go free yourself from dis-ease in your body by grabbing my ebook: MY RAW TILL 4 EBOOK : https://. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. Im always amazed at those proficient at weaving. Or you can hang them in a dry shed preferably well ventilated and dark. 0000006763 00000 n Frances, Frances, You are a woman of many talents. Cut a piece of cardboard and carefully lay your weaving on top and glue it to the cardboard. weaving materials, but you will have a variety of textures and tones available Draft 2 - Parallel Threading Reshuffled & Networked Treadling (detail), A traditional point-twill design known as the Earl on 8 using an Echo threading, Random Acts of Color: The Warp that Keeps on Giving: Echo Weave, Turned Taquete, Double Weave, Shadow Weave, and Warp Rep All on One Threading. This week Weave an all natural net to place over a vase to keep your flowers above water. Hi Nancy. I tried a pine needle basket in my Carolina living days, but wasnt up to it. October 2017 Above is a free form basket using the iris braid as weavers, along with other materials. You have to have stamina to do all that braiding and then your artistic eye to actually put it together. Are you ready to learn more? It can take a lot of effort to prepare your own basket Weaving baskets is making a comeback into fashion! January 2017 0000000649 00000 n Teaching a young child to braid sounds like the best use of time and energy there is. It may take a little trial and error to properly prepare and Every plant is different to work with. . To store remove leaves, tie into coils small enough to fit into a container for soaking later. Your email address will not be published. This will clean them and kill mold, insects, etc. Wild vines may be particularly useful too, as they have a natural bendiness. Removing the dying iris leaves was also good gardening practice for slugs and snails like to hide in the decaying matter as well as the dreaded iris borer. I had no idea you could use Iris for this! Wonderful post! 0000006805 00000 n Do let us know if you find a use! When this blade reaches its last full length of the weave, bend it over at the end, catching the end horizontal blade, and weave over the next horizontal blade and tuck it under the next horizontal piece. Like you, I went with a friend to learn stained glass, and took so many classes to learn different techniques. You can also cut day lily foliage at the end of the growing season. Frances. Adding it to my to do list. Turn the weave to form a diamond shape. Depending on the region, available resources and needs, they take different shapes and forms, each unique to a culture or peoples artistic embellishment. Irises are a great choice for areas with wildlife as they are deer resistant. <]/Prev 43856>> And that surely isnt enough I just saw some on the 50% off table at the garden center today. Thanks Jen. Baskets amaze me as well. We had moved to southern California from a small town in middle Pennsylvania. Beargrass and reeds have also long been used for this. Have fun and use your imagination! Frances. Wild Iris by Sivia Harding. Amazing craftsmanship and highly prized. Put the leaves in some water in a bucket. Bearded iris plants have soft hairs along their falls, resembling a beard. The friend who suggested it lost interest, but I continued. Remember the journey begins with the first step! Most iris varieties do best in full sun. Just be sure not to overwater, as too much water in the soil can cause problems such as root rot. June 2016 endobj Cool air wisps through the trees, flowers begin to fade, seeds drop for next years blooms and foliage wilts. The signs are the leaves beginning to turn tan as the chlorophyll says goodbye for another year. <> To create an edge that tapers on both sides: Take a strand from the horizontal pieces and weave. If you can draw and paint, you could certainly make baskets. For more on harvesting natural materials, be sure to download my free PDF 7 Tips for Harvesting Natural Materials. Used as an occasional ornamental in gardens and perhaps a symbol for something else ( ! They don't have to soak for long, but should be thoroughly wetted. Did You Really Think I Bought All These Plants? Gauge. Gather a couple of dozen more or less to begin. It was noticed during garden clean up of the large iris bed that the mottled leaves were not only attractive but very strong. 0000005920 00000 n (2009), The Six Degrees Of Favorite Plants-Southern Living Blogathon, Very difficult to only pick your six favorite plants, some of us bent the rules a bit. For instance, Flag iris leaves are great for twined baskets, what Toddy says about drying them first. Securing loose strands and finishing the woven design. Hoops and ribs can be gathered several weeks before weaving; the branches are coiled or bent, then bound with yarn to dry slowly and hold . Frances, Dear Frances, I am so glad you shared your basket making history with us. I never thought of using the leaves of the irises for anything. ), of the Complex Weavers Journal. Weaving Art. Having said that, I definitely admire the craft and love reading about it. June 2015. 1. techniques, combined with fresh, contemporary designs. For their safety and the safety of our animal collection,pets are not allowed, nor can they be left in vehicles inside Brookgreen. Though they like moist soil, too much water can be damaging. Have the bucket of leaves on a bench or something so that you dont have to reach in an awkward position to get more leaves, for you will be doing that almost constantly. You will know when it is time to divide when you have fewer blooms or there are rhizomes popping out of the ground. 721 Haywood Rd. I would just start with the iris leaves, they kind of need to be used at the right moment, not green but still intact is best. I became interested in baskets in the mid 1980s. (2009), How ten lily bulbs became hundreds. Creating a neat corner is always the hardest. Wreaths, swags, please let me know if you have other ideas! Weaving with leaves! July 2015 Split each strip into 4 strips leaving the last 10cm uncut. Loosening the soil in the spring and adding a healthy layer of compost will help give your irises the nutrients they need to grow healthy and lush. Frances. Once the first heavy frost comes or your leaves yellow for the season, you can cut your iris foliage to the ground to prevent iris bores from overwintering in the leaves. Thanks Rob. They each had their favorite plant for this purpose and their own artistic style of making them. Pinterest. Rose canes break easily, had to be super careful with the weaving. In the eastern part of North America, splits from ash Expert Response. GET MY ONLINE BASKETRY COURSE, Twining with Soft Natural Materials. All sorts of shelters and rafts would be quickly whipped up from anything lying around. Frances. When a friend cut one in half as a joke, plaits and I were never reacquainted. Of course, I never actually took a course, which may have something to do with my lack of success. Sigh~~, Hi Lisa, thanks so much, you are too sweet. I have one larger sweetgrass basket from Charleston, and a few small ones, bought in 1988 when we first moved to TN and went on a trip there. I became interested in baskets in the mid 1980s. Nothing for the canes. You need 3 vertical and 3 horizontal leaves to start the slipper shape. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. We You want it as long as possible so there are fewer joinings, always a weak point in a basket and the idea is for it to be strong. December 2015 harvesting plants for woven baskets takes a little know how to do. Hi Beth. Before long, I had some extremely ugly, spiny looking string forming. 2023 Gardening Know How, Future US LLC, Full 7th Floor, 130 West 42nd Street, New York, NY 10036. They feature unique blooms that are made up of two different kinds of petals, falls and standards. weaving leaves 2.jpg. I actually coiled a single daylily leaf around a stack of daylily leaves (the base) for the 1st basket.When I run out of base I just keep adding new leaves into the stack. Knitting Category. Thank you for the great ideas and instructions, Lynda, Hi Lynda, thanks so much for stopping by. In this tutorial I mainly used a balanced plain weave pattern that looks like a checker-board and is often described as a "one-up-one-down weave" or "over and under" pattern. 9 0 obj I dont know how sturdy they would be for use as stakes for garden structures ( Weaving Textiles. , Hi RG, thanks, so nice to see you! Put the leaves in some water in a bucket. Try them all. Youve provided a great tutorial/inspiration. Green color gone, but still strong and intact is the best time to use the iris leaves. Once you divide the rhizomes and remove any that are spent or diseased, simply plant the divided iris plants in a new location. Store in a dry place. Sign up to get all the latest gardening tips! Further, it's difficult to believe that such limited damage would kill an iris. Awesome! To create an edge that tapers on both sides: Take a strand from the horizontal pieces and weave. Keep all the butt ends together and the tip ends together. April 2018 Ill have to see what other basket makings I can find. Thanks! Having selected the largest iris leaves to harvest will pay off now as every leaf you pull from the bucket is of consistent size and strength, hopefully, but the weak ones sometimes sneak into the bundle. wrapped in a towel overnight. Tucked into the box with every advance copy of the book, the effortless floral craftsman is a packet of clips. If they are on hand, most craftspeople are happy to answer questions. January 2016 Frances, Your baskets are amazing. Keep trying! Fold the four sides flat to create the bottom edges. Dear Frances, I have been utterly absorbed by this posting and know, right now, that I shall never be able to construct such intricate pieces of garden art which you refer to as a basket. This direct connection between artisan and consumer is a valuable element, often absent from the modern shopping experienceand one that may leave you more informed, educated and inspired by tradition. 0000005610 00000 n I hope your iris are ready, or nearly so. Any suggestions? These baskets are so earthy and wonderful. Murrells Inlet, SC 29576, Off US Highway 17 Bypass, between Murrells Inlet and Pawleys Island onSouth Carolina's Hammock Coast843-235-6000GOOGLE DIRECTIONS. Thanks Ellada, you are too kind. I have tried making a basket from it but it did not turn out well. Some are long and thin, and some are short and oval. x\Y$;rx|l7xWK~x7$KXb%GVYUWwzak"#"~AH\}WbWax_44=t%f/w2_vCThY]rJCB`sqvN!]PCj#+v~^+! 0000005631 00000 n Mailing Address: 360 Donna Lane Fairview, NC 28730. Braided leaves work well for the ribbed or staked and add such a natural look to the basket, not to mention using free material from the garden. My daughter has a book on this topic: Baskets from Natures Bounty She made me a basket from multiflora rose branches. Leaves can be preserved by soaking cut stems in solution of glycerine (1 glycerine: 2 water) for 4-5 days. You dont have to do it all at one sitting. I knew that this particular how to would not be something everyone would rush out and do, but if one person is inspired to try it. 12 0 obj Europeans first introduced the rib or melon basket to Native Americans living along the eastern seaboard, according to Sarah and William Turnbaugh, authors of the book Indian Baskets. This form was adopted by many other groups, including the Cherokee of todays southeastern U.S. and the Iroquois and Algonquians of the northeast. I made a small pine needle basket, it was harder than I thought and didnt turn out that great. For a more secure weave you can try: Isnt it nice to make something useful from something so beautiful? Getting the first couple of inches done is the hardest part. Thanks Cameron. below the the soil line. Here is another basket made many years ago using a lavender root and stem as the handle. My favorite of your pictured baskets is the tall one with the Money plant in it. A friend asked if I would be interested in this project. The leaves were stripped off the plants as part of the broom making process and seemed too wonderful to toss into the compost. However, that damage is old, perhaps even months old. I may never get around to weaving iris leaves, but you have given me a very practical idea for next yearplants gourds next to my compost bin! A leaf is a plant organ that uses the sun to make its own food! Long ago I made a wreath out of cornhusks. Somewhere people are working for very little money making baskets. Weave the second row, with a new blade of grass, over and under the horizontal pieces. kat7 Bloomingdale, NJ (Zone 6a) Jul 15, 2008. Cardboard boxes, really. The plants ability to bend will change Echo and Iris twill - M and W design line 40 sett with 4 colors of 10/2 tencel threaded in this order: red purple, variegated teal green/yellow, turquoise, and purple warp. They are beautiful and so are the brooms youve made. 12K views 6 years ago Basketry artist Matt Tommey shares a quick tip on how to harvest Iris and daylily foliage for basket weaving. Iris leaves are a very good basket material. For detailed instructions on how to weave a basket out of. Once dry, they can be stored for months and revitalized with a little misting or soaking. A cupboard is ideal. You must have been traumatized! See honeysuckle for how to peel. They reveal that caterpillars made the chewing damage at the edge of the leaves. 0000005673 00000 n This will give a neater look and also make the braid stronger. @2020 - Just Right! I know I would feel the same about basket making after reading your informative post. 0000000796 00000 n This is one of the first baskets made from the garden. A Special note about weaving with Flax: Situate the bulbs 4 to 5 in. Just because I'm talking about day lily and iris foliage doesn't mean you can't use other foliage available in the garden. The short answer is: insert each new strip of leaf at almost 90 degrees to the forming single, make sure it has been twisted between at least two other strips, and then move on. 11 0 obj Some are long and thin, and some are short and oval. I am so happy to have a basketmaker visit. Leave the leaves for an hour in the sun to soften- but no more as this will cause the leaves to roll up or become brittle. (2009), How To Make Iris Weavers For Basketmaking, Tweets that mention How To Make Iris Weavers For Basketmaking Fairegarden --, A Study In Contrasts (Blackswampgirl Kim), Blogging From Blackpitts-The New Blog House (James Alexander-Sinclair), Creative Country Mom's Web Garden (Brooke), Does Everything Grow Better In My Neighbor's Yard? Twining using iris leaves. For the second basket I wanted to try . need to be peeled while tree bark needs to be prepared by scraping and soaking. Frances, Amazing Frances! However, over the years I've found that I harvest day lily foliage in two primary ways: collected during the growing season and cut at the end of the season. white oaks were the predominant basket materials. Some varieties can tolerate partial shade, but too much shade will prevent them from flowering. honeysuckle must be boiled and then allowed sit for a day or two. They will stay in the bucket while you work. October 2015 To create a closed ended weave: Take the end piece from the horizontal blades and weave it over and under across the horizontal blades. Then again there is always time to teach my 2.5 year old how to braid while sitting outside enjoying the garden even if her fingers cant quite get it this year. If the moon is ever in the correct phase, I will take tackle that final frontier! Other trees used include birch, Some plants are better to use while fresh and The diamond-shaped Gods Eye pattern also stabilizes the ribs and supports the frame. A small, all natural gift box woven from palm, My third design in my demonstration at the BC Floral Art Society meeting, Banana leaves used to wrap flowers instead of Tissue paper or Cellophane, Weave a sphere from grass to catch a precious and exquisite and perfect glistening early autumn dew drop, This was the first two designs for my Floral Art and craft demonstration at The Capilano Flower Arranging club. When the whole stalk of flowers is spent, cut the stalk to the ground to direct energy to the roots, instead of forming seed heads. I would love to know how Plantain/Plantago stalks are used. xxgail, Dear Gail, thank you. Simply lovely! Wipe the leaf clean and cut the hard stem away. May 2018 The first thing youll Put a small bead of glue on the strip of paper and lay your leaves on top. It was a culture shock to say the least. Frances, you never cease to amaze me with all your talents. I tweeted the post for you cause it was so good.~~Dee, Oh thank you Dee, you are the sweetest thing! Frances. Medium-size cages (2-3 feet) graciously corral midrange perennials such as peach-leaf bellflower, purple coneflower, and Siberian iris. May 2016 throughout the year for flexibility. I learn very quickly and find things easy to learn. If you dry them completely, wrap them in a wet towel for 20 minutes or so and they will soften and become pliable. The tulip will continue to grow into the vase height as they open but until then the grass platform part of the design diverts your A closer look at my design at Canada Blooms and The Toronto Flower Show last week. 20 stitches and 32 rows = 4 inches in Wild Iris Rib Pattern worked in the round Needle size. For weaving: Hold the dull underside of the leaves against the back of your knife blade and pull through. Have you managed to try anything? Periwinkle (Vinca spp) My article and woven ring-box design featured in the DIY Wedding Magazine, My article and woven heart basket design featured in the third anniversary issue of DIY Weddings Magazine, Weave and tie a decorative catcher to suspend flowers, Weaving foliage to create a lush water scene, Weaving a hat with an autumn leaf and rose hip garland, Wrap and weave grass to create a rose sphere, Weave a loose basket to display a single flower or three, Split a few bamboo sections to create a happy water source for miniature orchids, Weave willow bark strips into a nest and weave a bird from flax, Weave a canopy or parachute shaped armature for orchids to perch on, This was the fourth design I did in my "I found it this way" floral art demonstration, Weave a basket with dangling edges for a single orchid display, Weave a small basket with a lid to keep fluffy treasures in, Tip a mortarboard inspired top at an angle for a glass design. Be sure to harvest some of the thinner leaves too, just in case you need to make a more narrow weaving strand. It is best to pick only what you are going to use at one sitting and work straight through, with rest periods for sore, aging hands of course. I do own several wonderful baskets, mostly they are composed of oak laths. Wear old clothes or a sheet of plastic over your lap. Some new friends there were taking a basket class and invited me to come along. Basket base made with naturally wilted day lily foliage. Let me know if, make that when you do! How cool that your mom was a basket maker. Now is the time! ok not really that fancy- its paper pulp. Find more gardening information on Gardening Know How: Keep up to date with all that's happening in and around the garden. I love braiding and baskets and irises, too, of course. This is just what we want, still intact and completely tan, no green.
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